3D Computer Graphics: A Mathematical Introduction with OpenGL

3D Computer Graphics: A Mathematical Introduction with OpenGL
Samuel R. Buss

"I have a favorable impression of this book for providing a mathematical approach to CG while introducing the reader to OpenGL. Additionally, it is a good introductory resource for ray tracing, radiosity, and animation and kinematics. I would highly recommend this book to someone who teaches CG and would like to modernize his or her course."

"There are a few experts who would find nothing new in this book, but most of the rest of us would benefit from it. Almost any time that a programmer chooses to ignore one of the aphorisms they need to justify their choice which makes it a good basis for communicating why a piece of source code either needs more comments or a different approach. Buy a copy, keep it in your pocket to browse through while waiting in line for a meal, a bus etc. when you know it all, pass your copy on."
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Product Description
This introduction to 3D computer graphics emphasizes fundamentals and the mathematics underlying computer graphics, while also covering programming techniques using OpenGL, a platform-independent graphics programming environment. The minimal prerequisites make it suitable for self-study or for use as an advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate text as the author leads step-by-step from the basics of transformations to advanced topics such as animations and kinematics. Accompanying software, including source code for a ray tracing software package, is available freely from the book's web site.

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